Cayucos Cottage

The color of the sun drenches this bright and cheery suite and offers a feel of days gone by. These rooms, decorated with the flair and touch from the ’40s will take you away-perfect for leaving it all behind. The sunbeam-colored sponge-painted walls, cozy celadon-green carpet, yellow/green plaid bedspread, and matching curtains, add to its quaintness and charm. Hand painted on the walls of the kitchen and bath are plates and vases that complement the collection of antique plates displayed over the queen-sized bed. Relaxation reigns over everything here, a perfect setting for enjoying a leisurely dinner followed by a walk on the beach.
From $95 to $160 .*


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Toll Free: 800-549-0900
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There is a 14 day cancellation policy for all reservations
So sorry, no pets.

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