Seaside Suite

seaside-suiteListen to the waves outside the bedroom window or enjoy the waves painted on the fabulous beach mural in living-room. Either way, this  suite is sure to soothe even the most jangled city nerves with its pastel salmon and warm sage colors and its seashell-studded decor with the whisper of the ocean in the background. This suite features a living-room with a comfortable couch, a queen-size bed in the private bedroom, and a full kitchen. The seashell patterned bedspread, curtains, and accents with special touches such as real mounted seashells, put you on your own deserted beach. There’s room for a family or for just the two of you. From $105 to $175.*



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Toll Free: 800-549-0900
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There is a 7 day cancellation policy for all reservations
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*rates subject to change

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